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Train Your Mind 
Like You Train Your Body!

Mindset Training For All Ages

Empower yourself with the confidence and skills needed to fulfill your dreams.

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Sharpen your mind, and your perspective. 
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For the unlearned, aging is winter.  For the learned, it is the season of harvest. 

Our Courses

What is Amen University?

Amen University is an online learning experience that offers access to content produced by Daniel G. Amen, MD, and carefully selected experts to bring you information centered around brain health and wellness. You'll find courses about a variety of topics in the mental health field - from calming anxiety to improving your sleep, memory, focus and life.


Brain Thrive by 25

with College Credits

Earn college credits with our Brain Thrive by 25 program. Learn how to nourish and optimize the brains of kids, teens, and young adults.


Brain Thrive by 25 


Learn how to nourish, protect & optimize your brain. Since the brain is malleable until age 25, the sooner you do, the better!


Brain Thrive:

Pre-K - Grade 1

This course is designed to teach kids that their brain is responsible for how they think, feel, and behave so they will develop brain envy.

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Prevent memory loss, or rescue your memory 

Supercharge your brain, prevent memory loss, or rescue your memory if it needs help.


Join the fight for a brain healthy lifestyle

Improve your self-esteem, boost your confidence, and be more successful in school, work relationships, and life.

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Learn more brain, body and mind health

To overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief, you need to know more about the health of your brain, body, and mind.


Create a brain healthy team of employees

Based on neuroscience, this course can help your employees and team become mentally stronger, sharper, faster.


Sleep better and learn to sustain healthy sleep.

Improve your health, optimize your brain, and teach you strategies to maintain better sleep hygiene for the rest of your life.


Change Your Brain & Change Your Life

Actionable tools, tactics & recommendations based on 30+ years of clinical experience and the world's largest database of brain SPECT scans.


Learn how to properly take care of your ADD

A 30-day online course with comprehensive strategies you can use at home to you heal your ADD types .

(5 hours)


How Autism can present itself

An in-depth understanding of the root causes of Autism and targeted remedies to alleviate symptoms.


Heal your brain from recent or past injuries

For anyone who has experienced a head injury and is ready to rehabilitate their brain health and enhance their quality of life.


The New Neuroscience of feeling good

A great way to bring positivity into your life. You commit to doing one positive thing every day for the next month.


Get your Certification in Brain Health today!

Improve your patient's outcomes by implementing the Amen Clinics Method into your medical or mental health practice.

Receive 50 CE Credits


Become a Licensed Brain Health Trainer!

Impact your community and clients by strengthening your training skills using Dr. Daniel Amen's coaching and teaching content.

(5 hours)

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Discover the means to become a great leader

As a leader, build a great culture, lead with optimism, develop a connected and committed team and achieve results.


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What's Your Brain Type?

Your brain makes you who you are. Get to Know Yourself through this 5-minute FREE quiz developed by Dr. Amen. Find out which of the 16 brain types you are.

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Take a test to see if you have ADD or ADHD.

Learn with type of ADD you may have.

Discover your brain type & how to optimize it.

If you have ADD, learn the best strategies for your type

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Memory Rescue Early Signs & Risk Quiz

Take a Free Assessment to find out your risk and early warning signs of memory loss. 

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Relationships don't have to be complicated

Join the millions of people strengthening their relationships with The 5 Love Languages®.

Ambassador Programs


The Confident Athlete Program

This program is essential for high-level performance by providing skills and lessons that give optimal advantages in high school, college and pro-level sports.

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A 300-day scientifically-validated program

Heroic is a social training platform that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, and world-class, scientifically-proven behavioral design tools.


Heroic Premium Membership

Everything in Heroic Free, Plus… 1,000+ Heroic +1s. 600+ PhilosophersNotes (1,000s of Big Ideas from Best Self-Help Books) 50+ Hour-Long 101 Classes.


This program got me on the road to making the changes I had wanted to make in my life. Becky’s astute guidance in this quest is a perfect mix of nurturing and accountability.”

– Dr. Lisa Bauman, KY (Dentist, Yoga Therapist)

The DreamBuilder program helped me to find my self confidence and opened my world to the possibilities in the universe. Thank you Becky for your guidance.”

– Mary Wuerdeman, KY (Holistic Nutritionist)

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