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The MindGym Institute is a training center helping both athletes and teams – building healthy brains, strong minds and excellent character.


Learn how to:

  • Take your experiences in the game to prepare you for your successes in life.

  • Turn setbacks into comebacks

  • Focus more on the processes to create better results

  • Take these experiences and turn them into opportunities for growth that you can use for the rest of your life


What if mental health is actual brain health and a good healthy

balanced brain creates a strong mindset which drives your behavior? 

The MindGym Institute uses various tools and techniques such as:

  • Brain Type Assessment by Dr. Daniel Amen

  • The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon

  • One Word That Will Change Your Life by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon

  • The Power of One More to Max Out Your Life by Ed Mylett

  • The High Five Habit by Mel Robbins

  • Peak Performance Sports Coaching by Dr. Patrick Cohn


The MindGym Institute uses all of these tools together to tailor a personal program that evolves with the athlete or team that grows with them to personally empower them for all their future successes.

Student Athletes and Teams

We’ve helped many high school athletes attain the right mindset to achieve their desired life and sports goals!

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