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A great way to bring positivity into your life. You commit to doing one positive thing every day for the next month.
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30-Day Happiness Challenge Course

Dr. Amen unlocks the 7 Neuroscience Secrets to Happiness no one else is talking about.

Discover the New Neuroscience of Feeling Good

What’s the biggest secret to happiness that researchers, gurus, and influencers are missing? Happiness depends on your BRAIN TYPE. When it comes to joy and contentment, one-size-fits-all strategies will never work for everyone. You need to know what makes YOU and YOUR BRAIN uniquely happy. In this 30-day challenge, Dr. Amen will reveal happiness prescriptions for each of the 5 Primary Brain Types and will show you how to learn your type.

Let’s Work Together for 30 Days

We will be holding your hand throughout this challenge and making sure you have everything you need to be successful. Every day we will release a short video that explains each day's topic and exercises. We’ll also send you a gentle email reminder to let you know when each day’s video becomes available. You will only need 15-20 minutes a day to complete everything each day. The 30-Day Happiness Challenge will be available for you any time of the day. We hope you don't miss a day, but even if you do you will be able to catch right back up as soon as you can. At the end of the 30 days, your results will be measured using a standard happiness measurement score. Let’s start getting happier together!

Join the Happiness Challenge Today!

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