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Student Athlete Video Testimonials

“Miss. Morris taught my team to have a strong mentality. At the end of the season i was looking at my team and realized how her coaching has changed us and how we played. The things i once saw negatively have been put in the light and noticed how “it is good”. She hasn’t just helped how i play but how i live my life. Forever grateful for this learning experience.”

– Izzy G., Louisville, KY

“Becky’s program at the Mind Institute has taught my daughter the tools to be a successful, confident, and happy athlete. Her belief, persistence, and deep caring for my daughter has helped her push through and overcome her fears and doubts. I have seen the happiness come back to my daughter in her play and everyday life. Knowing you have someone in your corner like Becky believing in you, has given her the peace and strength that she needed to keep moving forward. We could not thank her enough!”

– Tracy F., Mom to High School Athlete, Louisville, KY


Brain Thrive by 25 Testimonials

“After years of struggle, unsuccessful prescription medications and searching for behavioral therapy options, I came across The MindGym Institute. I enrolled my ADHD son in their Brain Thrive By 25 program, focused on helping teens with their executive functioning skills. His coach, Becky, Morris, was awesome!! Using research from the Amen Clinic, she helped us learn about the brain, how it works and understand the different types of ADHD and how to determine my son’s type. She taught him how daily habits and diet correlate with brain health and gave him helpful tips about how to have a brain healthy diet. She also recommended several natural supplements that have helped him tremendously to have a calmer mind throughout the day. His focus and follow through are much improved, and as a result, so is his confidence level! We are so, so thankful for all of Becky’s help and guidance, and would recommend this program to anyone struggling with ADHD.”

– Kerry H., Duncan, South Carolina

“I recommend Brain Thrive by 25 because it teaches you about the different parts of the brain and what they are associated with. Learning about the parts of the brain can help you learn more about yourself too. Also, through the program you learn about good nutrition, ways to get better sleep, differences between females and males brains, and how to eliminate automatic negative thoughts. My biggest take away from the program is to fuel your brain properly. With the correct amount of sleep, healthy, nutritious foods, and positive thoughts you can have a happy brain that will be properly developed by the time you are 25.


I would recommend this to teenagers because they too can learn more about their brains and who they are. It can also teach them what’s bad and good for their brain so that it will be properly taken care of.  I would definitely recommend this program for parents as well because it can teach them about their child and what might be going on in their brain. It would also benefit the parents to learn about ways to make their brains happy.”

– Juilana H., Age 15, Louisville, KY


This program got me on the road to making the changes I had wanted to make in my life. Becky’s astute guidance in this quest is a perfect mix of nurturing and accountability.”

– Dr. Lisa Bauman, KY (Dentist, Yoga Therapist)

The DreamBuilder program helped me to find my self confidence and opened my world to the possibilities in the universe. Thank you Becky for your guidance.”

– Mary Wuerdeman, KY (Holistic Nutritionist)

With Becky as a guide through the DreamBuilder course I was able to retrieve and revive and finally KNOW how to bring my long held but buried dreams to fruition. It’s a great process and Becky’s a wonderful coach and I’m better for the experience.”

– Jim Locke, KY (Entrepreneur)


The Dreambuilding program with Becky Morris is an incredibly empowering experience! Becky's encouragement and guidance are invaluable!”

– Mary White, KY (Nurse, Network Marketer) 

Want to know the ABC’s of turning your dreams into reality? Join a coach who is ABLE to lead you down a track that nets possibilities. BE open hearted, and teachable. COMMIT to a life coach who is compassionate and motivating. I chose Becky Morris and the DREAMBUILDERS program. Now I live life in a BIGGER, BETTER way! Becky is a great coach and a wonderful person.”

– Sharon Nowell, TX (Network Marketer, Direct Sales) 

Hand-written “Thank You” Notes

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