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A scientifically-validated 300-day program to activate your Heroic potential WHILE learning how to empower *others* to do the same so we can change the world together – starting with you and me and all of us – TODAY.

The Mind Gym Institute is committed to bringing out the best in our clients. We offer a variety of programs that are designed to enhance your life on both a personal and professional level. We are excited to offer the Heroic Coach Program, developed by renowned coach Brian Johnson, as one of our Ambassador Programs.


This program is designed specifically for individuals interested in coaching others and serves as an opportunity to learn how to instill strength, confidence, and resilience in your clients.

Over 13,000+ people from 115+ countries have joined the Heroic Performance Coach certification and empowerment program, including world-class, elite-performing athletes, executives, venture capitalists, coaches (across domains), authors, Navy SEALs, thought-leaders, and more, as well as entrepreneurs, moms, dads, teachers, grandparents, trainers, and individuals from all walks of life.

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