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Impact your community and clients by strengthening your training skills using Dr. Daniel Amen's coaching and teaching content
(5 hours)
Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

Enrich your community and clients’ lives with Dr. Daniel Amen’s coaching and teaching content 

By joining us in this course, you’ll gain imperative knowledge about:

  • Bright Mind Strategies - to keep your brain healthy, or rescue it if it is headed for the dark place, you have to prevent or treat the 11 major risk factors that steal your mind

  • Assess Your Brain & Mind - discover your brain type, your BRIGHT MINDS risk factors and your Dragons from the Past

  • Tame Your Dragons - you’ll learn more about your dragons, including their origins, triggers, and reactions, as well as proven strategies to tame your dragons and helpful affirmations to calm them


This course is perfect for you if…

  • You desire strategies to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and grief

  • You are looking to improve your emotional well-being

  • You want to learn about risk factors that contribute to anxiety, depression, trauma and grief

  • You want to take responsibility for your life and overcome emotional issues

  • You are ready to develop relentless courage to transform your life


In this course participants will have…

  • Ways to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and grief

  • Tools to help them take responsibility for their life and overcome emotional issues

  • Strategies to prevent or eliminate their BRIGHT MINDS risk factors

  • Strategies to tame their Dragons from the Past

  • Tools to develop the relentless courage that is needed to transform their life

Sample Lesson: 6 Weeks to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Grief

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