The MindGym Institute is thrilled about our inaugural Summer Workshop Series

The purpose of the series is to introduce participants to concepts that help you live your best life. Each workshop is self-contained but can also be grouped with the other workshops to make a meaningful series. Take them all or take just one as your schedule or budget allows. In each workshop, participants will be introduced to the topic followed by self-reflection or practice activity to learn more about how the topic works in their life. At the end of each workshop participants will commit to concrete ways they will integrate the concept into their lives.

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Instructor Bio:

Jennifer Thalman Kepler is a coach, arts-in-education specialist, actor, director and playwright and Co-founder of Looking for Lilith Theatre Company. With 22 years of experience as a teaching artist, Jennifer has worked with children, youth and adults guiding them through creative processes in which they discover their creative voice, explore their personal stories and practice essential social-emotional skills.  

Having experienced the value of coaching in her own personal journey, Jennifer saw the connections between her work as a community artist and a coach. Both include deep listening, making meaning out of stories, powerful questioning and skill building. Jennifer has completed coaching training at The Institute of Life Coach Training and is certified in the Adventures of Wisdom coaching for kids program. 

You are the author of our own life story. Jennifer is excited to support you and your children in discovering and living  your fullest life.