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Adventures in Wisdom™ Resources


Interested in participating in WISDOM Coach Affiliate Resource Program

This is an amazing resource for those interested in participating in our affiliate Adventures in Wisdom™ program.

Off to School

Why aren’t kids learning the one thing that has the greatest impact on their lives?

Use stories to help your kids learn the mindset skills for creating happiness, building confidence, and be their best!


Download your complimentary coaching story to life coach kids at home!

Get a free coaching story to try out at home! Use a proven program that is being used by coaches around the world.


Be the hero for children. Use stories to life coach Kids! Certification Program

Imagine sharing a story with a child and suddenly seeing them discover their magnificence! Try out a free story at home!


Download your complimentary special report for coaches wanting to life coach children

Learn how you can life coach children. See how life coaching kids is transforming kid's lives & how you can be a part of it!

Children Embracing in Circle

Learning mindset skills are the key. Empowering kids one story at time is the answer!

Read informative blog entries from those who have firsthand knowledge of the Adventures in Wisdom™ program. 

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